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Nanjing Token Electronic & Science Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2002 in the ancient city of Nanjing, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales, and service of various types of hall effect electricity sensors. It is one of the earliest companies in China engaged in sensor research and production. Token Electronics established its wholly-owned subsidiary "Nanjing Puken Sensing Technology Co., Ltd." in 2010

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The company has successively passed ISO, ROHS, CE, UL certification. The company has obtained multiple invention patents, utility model patents, software copyrights, and authorized trademarks. Three enterprise standards for electricity sensors have been promulgated and filed, and a technical standard system has been established for the enterprises.


The company attaches great importance to product quality and R&D technology innovation.

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  • Aerospace

    Hall current sensors have found extensive applications in the aerospace and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. With unparalleled precision and reliability, these sensors play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and optimal performance of airborne systems.In the realm of aviation, Hall current sensors are employed to monitor and regulate the flow of electrical currents, providing crucial data for flight control systems and power distribution networks. By accurately measuring current levels, they enable engineers and technicians to tailor the operation of various aircraft subsystems, enhancing overall efficiency and safeguarding critical components.Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have also harnessed the power of Hall current sensors. These devices serve as essential means to ascertain the consumption of electrical power within UAVs, allowing operators to precisely monitor battery life and optimize flight duration. Equipped with Hall sensors, drones can efficiently manage power resources, thereby extending their operational capabilities and enhancing mission success rates.The exceptional capabilities of Hall current sensors make them indispensable in the demanding environments of aerospace and UAV applications. With the ability to accurately detect currents ranging from microamps to kiloamps, these sensors offer unparalleled reliability and accuracy. Moreover, their compact design and superior resistance to environmental factors ensure seamless integration into the existing electronic systems of aircraft and drones.When it comes to quality and performance, Hall current sensors stand at the forefront of technological advancements in the aerospace and UAV sectors. With their reliable and precise measurement capabilities, these sensors contribute to the continued advancement of aviation and unmanned systems worldwide. Leverage the power of Hall current sensors to elevate your aerospace endeavors and optimize the potential of your unmanned aerial vehicles.

  • Electric locomotive

    Introducing Hall Current and Hall Voltage: Revolutionizing the Realm of Rail TransportationWhen it comes to the fast-paced world of rail transportation, precision and safety are paramount. That is why the integration of Hall Current and Hall Voltage Sensors has become a game-changer in the industry. These cutting-edge sensors have reshaped the way we monitor and control electrical current and voltage within rail networks, elevating the efficiency and reliability of train operations to new heights.The Hall Current Sensor, with its state-of-the-art technology, allows for accurate and real-time measurement of electric current flowing through conductors. By utilizing the Hall effect, this sensor effortlessly captures vital data, ensuring that current fluctuations are swiftly detected and corresponding actions are taken without delay. It serves as the vigilant guardian, monitoring the health of power supply systems, preventing overloads, and offering indispensable insights into the intricate workings of rail networks.In parallel, the Hall Voltage Sensor stands as an indispensable companion in the quest for seamless rail transportation. By precisely measuring voltage potentials with remarkable precision, this sensor guarantees the stability and reliability of electrical systems vital to train operations. Whether monitoring traction power supplies, signaling systems, or electrical components, the Hall Voltage Sensor provides an invaluable means to identify voltage anomalies swiftly. With its high accuracy and exceptional performance, it empowers operators to proactively address concerns, ensuring uninterrupted journeys and safeguarding the wellbeing of passengers and cargo alike.Utilizing these cutting-edge sensors not only ensures optimal performance but also cultivates a sustainable future for rail transportation. By diligently monitoring current and voltage, the sensors promote energy efficiency and facilitate effective resource management within rail networks. This eco-conscious approach helps minimize waste, reduce operating costs, and ultimately contributes to building greener and more environmentally friendly transport systems.The integration of Hall Current and Hall Voltage Sensors has ushered in a new era of excellence in rail transportation. Their ability to accurately gauge electrical parameters, swiftly identify anomalies, and uphold the highest standards of safety and efficiency is unparalleled. So, join us in embracing this technological revolution, as we strive for a more advanced and sustainable future in the realm of rail transport.

  • Vehicle Electronics

    Enhance your electric vehicle's performance and safety with our revolutionary Hall Current Sensor. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the electrical system, our sensor offers precise current measurement, ensuring optimal functionality and peace of mind for electric vehicle owners.Key Features:1. Accurate Current Measurement: Our Hall Current Sensor utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide accurate and reliable current measurements. With high precision and low error rate, you can trust our sensor to deliver precise results every time.2. Efficient Power Management: By monitoring the electrical current flow, our sensor allows for efficient power management in your electric vehicle. This not only extends the battery life but also optimizes overall energy usage, ensuring a longer and smoother drive.3. Real-time Monitoring: Stay informed about your electric vehicle's current consumption with the real-time monitoring feature of our Hall Current Sensor. This enables you to track and analyze power usage, identifying any abnormalities or inefficiencies in the system effortlessly.4. Safety Assurance: Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to electric vehicles. Our Hall Current Sensor offers reliable and continuous current monitoring, ensuring that your vehicle operates within safe operating limits. This enhances system reliability and prevents potential overloads or short circuits.5. Easy Installation: We understand the importance of simplicity and convenience. Our Hall Current Sensor is designed for easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicle models. With plug-and-play functionality, you can quickly integrate our sensor into your vehicle without any hassle.Boost the performance and safety of your electric vehicle with our game-changing Hall Current Sensor. Witness the seamless fusion of advanced technology and reliable functionality, making it an essential component for any electric vehicle owner. Order now and experience the difference firsthand! TKC-BS Open Loop Hall Effect Current SensorKeywords: Hall Current Sensor, electric vehicle, accurate current measurement, efficient power management, real-time monitoring, safety assurance, easy installation.

  • Power Systems

    Title: Hall Current and Voltage Sensors: Empowering Electrical SystemsProduct Description:Introducing the Hall Current and Voltage Sensors, a revolutionary addition to the realm of electrical system applications. Designed to cater specifically to the intricate demands of power systems, these sensors provide precise measurements, reliable functionality, and seamless integration, offering a cutting-edge solution for monitoring current and voltage.With their sleek and innovative design, the Hall Current and Voltage Sensors offer unrivaled efficiency and accuracy. Their advanced technology enables seamless integration into various power systems, ranging from industrial machinery to renewable energy sources. Whether it be for monitoring power distribution, analyzing energy consumption, or optimizing electrical efficiency, these sensors serve as invaluable tools for electrical engineers, system analysts, and industry professionals alike.Key Features:1. Unparalleled Precision: The Hall Current and Voltage Sensors boast unparalleled accuracy, ensuring precise measurements in real-time. With their high-resolution capabilities, they capture even the slightest fluctuations, guaranteeing comprehensive insights into the electrical system's performance.2. Wide Range Compatibility: These sensors are designed to accommodate diverse electrical systems, making them versatile across various applications. From low voltage systems to high power transmission lines, the Hall Current and Voltage Sensors seamlessly integrate into any setup, providing comprehensive monitoring solutions.3. Easy Installation: Specially engineered with simplicity in mind, these sensors are a breeze to install. With their straightforward setup process, minimal downtime is required, allowing for swift implementation within any electrical system.4. Robust Durability: Built to last, the Hall Current and Voltage Sensors possess a sturdy construction that withstands demanding operating conditions. Their resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, and electrical noise ensures their reliability and longevity, making them a dependable choice for long-term usage.Maximize the potential of your electrical system with the Hall Current Sensors and Voltage Sensors. Trust in their unrivaled precision, adaptability, and resilience to elevate your monitoring capabilities to new heights. Join countless professionals worldwide who rely on these sensors to ensure optimal electrical performance, energy efficiency, and system stability. Keywords: Hall sensor, current sensor, voltage sensor, electrical systems, precise measurements, power distribution, energy consumption, electrical efficiency, real-time monitoring, versatile applications, installation simplicity, robust durability, system stability.

  • Welding and VFD Industries

    Title: Hall Current Sensors: Revolutionizing Welding and Variable Frequency Drive IndustriesDescription: Are you seeking cutting-edge technology to elevate your welding or variable frequency drive systems? Look no further! Introducing the Hall Current Sensors, the game-changers in these industries.With precision and accuracy at its core, the Hall Current Sensors bring a new level of efficiency and safety to the welding and variable frequency drive industries. By utilizing the revolutionary Hall effect technology, these sensors provide real-time, contactless current monitoring with unparalleled precision.Designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, our Hall Current Sensors boast a sleek and compact design, allowing for easy installation without compromising on functionality. Whether you're operating a small-scale welding workshop or managing a large-scale variable frequency drive system, our sensors cater to your unique requirements.Enhance your welding process with our Hall Current Sensors, ensuring optimal current flow and stability, resulting in flawless welds and reduced spatter. Experience improved arc control and enhanced productivity like never before. The sensors' ability to accurately measure current ensures consistent performance, while the contactless monitoring eliminates the risk of electrical shock and damage to sensitive components.In the variable frequency drive industry, our Hall Current Sensors play a crucial role in monitoring, controlling, and protecting your power systems. Precisely measure the current to ensure seamless operation, prevent overloads, and minimize energy consumption. With our sensors, you can confidently optimize your variable frequency drive system's performance, extending the lifespan of your equipment and minimizing costly downtime.Our Hall Current Sensors adhere to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing reliability, efficiency, and safety. Each sensor undergoes rigorous quality control testing to meet and exceed your expectations. Trust in our commitment to delivering top-notch products that enhance your operations and offer a competitive edge.Stay ahead of the curve with

  • Ups Power Supply

    The Application of Hall Current Sensors in UPS Power SystemsHall current sensors play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of UPS power systems. As an indispensable component, they provide accurate and reliable measurements of current values, ensuring the reliable operation of critical electronic equipment.Designed with advanced technology, Hall current sensors utilize the principle of magnetic field sensing to detect the current flowing through a conductor. With their non-invasive design, they offer a high level of convenience, as they can be easily installed without interrupting the power supply.One of the key advantages of Hall current sensors is their exceptional precision. These sensors have the capability to measure current with high accuracy, even in the presence of variable load conditions and fast transients. This ensures that critical UPS systems can efficiently respond to sudden changes in power demand, providing uninterrupted power supply and safeguarding against potential electrical faults.In addition to precision, Hall current sensors are known for their robustness and durability. Constructed with high-quality materials, they can withstand harsh operating environments, including temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic interference. This remarkable resilience ensures long-term stability and reliable performance, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and reducing downtime.Another significant benefit of integrating Hall current sensors in UPS power systems is their ability to enable precise current monitoring and control. By accurately measuring the current flowing through the power lines, these sensors provide valuable data for efficient power management. This data can be utilized to optimize energy consumption, minimize power losses.

  • Servo Motor

    Title: Transformative Application of Hall Current Sensors in Servo MotorsProduct Description: Experience unprecedented precision and control in servo motor applications with our cutting-edge Hall Current Sensors. Designed to revolutionize power management and enhance the performance of servo motors, these sensors offer a transformative solution for a wide range of industrial applications.Key Features:1. Superior Accuracy: Our Hall Current Sensors provide unparalleled accuracy in measuring the current flow within servo motors. This precise measurement enables precise control over motor functions, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.2. Real-Time Monitoring: With built-in real-time monitoring capabilities, these sensors empower operators to track current fluctuations with utmost precision. Monitoring and analyzing current data allow for swift troubleshooting and preventive maintenance, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.3. Enhanced Safety: The implementation of Hall Current Sensors in servo motor applications strengthens safety measures by alerting operators to potential overloads or abnormal current behavior. This proactive approach ensures the longevity of both the motor and the overall system.4. Easy Integration: Our Hall Current Sensors are designed for seamless integration into existing servo motor systems. With standardized interfaces and compatibility with various communication protocols, installation is straightforward and hassle-free.5. Durable and Reliable: Crafted with the highest quality materials and employing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, our sensors boast exceptional durability and reliability. They are engineered to withstand tough working conditions and deliver consistent and accurate performance over the long term.Unlock the full potential of your servo motor systems with our unparalleled Hall Current Sensors. Whether you operate in industrial automation, robotics, or renewable energy sectors, our sensors will elevate your operations to new heights of precision and efficiency. Stay ahead of the competition and trust in our expertise to optimize your motor-driven processes.Keywords: Hall Current Sensor, servo motor,

  • Photovoltaic new energy

    Hall Current Sensor in Photovoltaic and Energy Storage ApplicationsEnhance the efficiency and performance of your photovoltaic and energy storage systems with the cutting-edge Hall Current Sensor. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of the renewable energy industry, this sensor provides precise and reliable current measurement, enabling accurate monitoring and control of your power generation and storage processes.Harnessing the power of Hall Effect technology, our sensor offers unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy, allowing you to optimize your photovoltaic and energy storage systems to their fullest potential. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace data-driven decision-making for increased efficiency and substantial cost savings.With its compact and sleek design, the Hall Current Sensor seamlessly integrates into your existing system without sacrificing valuable space. Its robust construction ensures long-term durability, even in harsh environmental conditions, providing you with peace of mind and a reliable solution that stands the test of time.Whether you are involved in large-scale photovoltaic power plants or off-grid residential energy systems, the Hall Current Sensor is versatile and adaptable to your specific needs. Its user-friendly interface allows for effortless installation, making it a breeze for both experienced professionals and newcomers to the industry.Don't compromise on the performance of your photovoltaic and energy storage systems. Trust the Hall Current Sensor to take your operations to new heights, unleashing the untapped potential of renewable energy and revolutionizing the way you harness power.Contact us now to unlock the benefits of the Hall Current Sensor and propel your photovoltaic and energy storage endeavors towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

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2024.6.26-6.28 China Import and Export Fair Complex Guangzhou Welcome to visit TOKEN in B-218


SNEC 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition [SNEC PV POWER EXPO] will be held in Shanghai, China, on June 13-15, 2024   Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. 8.1H - D192.        

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2024.05.23-05.25 Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center  TOKEN in B-159    

Shenzhen International Sensor Technology Expo 2024

2024.04.14-04.16 Shenzhen convention and exhibition center (Futian)7B283   As a national sensor industry alliance, China Sensor and IoT Industry Alliance will host Shenzhen International Sensor Technology Exhibition in Greater Bay Area in 2024 to focus on various sensors and related products, sensor production and manufacturing, and IoT applications in response to industry demand.              

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The rhythm returns to the spring light, and everything begins to renew! Centered around the theme of "Cohesive force,Stay true to our aspiration", all employees of the company gathered together to review 2023 and look forward to 2024!  

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